New apps from Mobiledev! Mobiledev released new Apps that are all about offline maps. Four apps are already in the app store and a lot of others will follow soon. Have a look at the app description below, the links to the app store are in there:


Mobiledev Offline Maps offer high detail, high quality big maps. The maps are stored locally on your iPhone/iPad, that means you will not need an expensive (foreign) mobile data network to the maps! Our maps are universal apps, that means they are designed to run on iPhone and iPad. The high quality, high detail maps look gorgeous on your (retina) iPad and iPhone.

With our Offline Maps you can add your own markers to the maps, giving you the opportunity to optimally prepare for your trip.

✔ a very high detail map
✔ contains thousands searchable street names and points of interest
✔ a real map like a map is meant to be.

✔ 100 % offline, no expensive data connection
✔ 100 % objective map. No adds. No sponsoring.
✔ very high detail
✔ high quality big map
✔ find tens of thousands street names
✔ find thousands points of interest
✔ live tracking of your location on the map*
✔ rotate map to compass direction
✔ zoom in from overview to high detail
✔ add your own markers
✔ looks great on Retina display
✔ runs on your iPad and iPhone.

* depends on the availability of GPS on your device.

This app fully respects your privacy, the app:
✔ will not send any data anywhere (it’s 100% offline)
✔ does not store your location on the device
✔ does not access any information that does not belong to the app (will not access your contacts, photo’s etc.)

✔ London (App Store)
✔ San Francisco (App Store)
✔ Capetown (App Store)
✔ South Africa Garden Route (Western Cape) (App Store)