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Live notes from the wwdc keynote,San Francisco, Moscone West, monday june 11, 2012.

10:00 session starts!
A Siri intro with some jokes.

10:01 Tim Cook enters te stage
23thd wwdc, attendees from 60 countries, over a 1000 Apple engineers.

400 milion app store accounts.
30 billion downloads.
New countries added to app store. 155 countries.

A few moves about iOS Apps.

New notebook, new osx os.
Phill Schiller comes on stage.
4 new macbooks.

Macbook air
Ivy bridge update, up to 8 gb memory, 60 % faster graphics, up to 512 gb ssd
Ssd 500mb read speeds. Usb 3. Usb 3 and 2 on same port. 11 and 13 inch. Starts shipping today.

Macbook pro
Ivy bridge, 8 gb memory, up to 60 % faster graphics. GeForce gt 650 m
Usb 2 and 3.

No retina display… That’s a bit of a disappointment!

Just a minute, there is another macbook!

Next generation macbook pro.
Killer new display, radically thin and light.
0.71 inch thin. About as thin as macbook air.
Lightest pro macbook ever.
Retina display! 15.4 inches, 2880 x 1880
Worlds highest resolution display.
Less glare.

Software updates for retina display
Osx update to use retina display.
Update to aperture and final cut to use retina display.
Adobe has updated photoshop for retina
Diablo 3 is retina ready.

Hardware specs
Up to 16 gb memory
Flash storage, up to 768 gb
7 hours batery life
Hdmi, thunderbolt, usb 2 and 3, new magsafe 2
Adapters for ethernet and fireware to thunderbolt.
New silent cooling system

2199 , 256 ssd
Starts shipping today.

Osx mountain lion.
New features
Support for icloud built in, mail, contacts. New: messages, reminders and notes.
Documents in the cloud, apps store docs in the cloud, syncs to devices.
Developer sdk for documents integration.

New app in the dock, reminders. New, location based reminders on osx.
New notes app, like the one on ios.
New messages app, imessage on osx.
Dictation available on mountain lion.

Notification center on osx.
Messages will pop up in notification center.
Solial network messages like twitter will pop up in notification center.

Share to all your social networks from within applications. Built into the os.

New safari.
Fastest javascript engine on the planet. Search suggestions. Icloud tabs, see open pages on other devices.

Game center on osx.
Same account as on ios. Cross platfrom ios to mac.

The wrap up is that most ios features are available on mountain lion, and osx syncs with the ios devices. Mountain lion now is a good ios citizen.

Keeps mac up to date while it sleeps. Email, updates go on while asleep. Backups while.
For recent macbook air and next gen macbook pro.

AirPlay from osx to apple tv.

New games for mac.
The stig comes on stage to demo csr racing 🙂

200 new features for mountain lion.
Features for china. Dictionary, chinese fonts.
1700 new api’s

Acailable next month via app store.
Pricing, 19,99 $
from snow leopard or lion, one purchase will update all your macs.
Developer preview available today for wwdc attendees.

Now Scott Forestall on stage about ios.
80 % of customers are running the latest version.
7 billion push notifications per day.
140 million imessage users.
1 billion messages per day
Customer satisfaction for ios is very high, 75 %

ios 6
200 new features.
Siri update,
Siri now knows all about sports, baseball, basketball, restaurants, movies
Siri now can launch apps.

Eyes free operation. Iphone can be used with siri in your without the display.
New languages for siri, italian, spanish, korean, mandarin, cantonees,

Facebook integration in ios 6.
Integration in a lot of ios apps.
Notification center integration with facebook.
Twitter integration in notification center.
Developers api for facebook integration.
Integration with app store, l”like” apps.
Friends info will appear in contacts, calendars.

Facebook integration also for mac.

New in telephome app
Respond to.a call with a message if you can not answer.
“do not disturb” function. Messages will be silent.
Fine tune which calls you want to receive.

Facetime over a telephone connection.
Phone number and apple id will be unified.
A call can be answered on an ipad or mac.

Twothirds of all mobile traffic comes from safari.
Offline reading list.
Smart app banners. Safari can let the browser know there is a native app for this website.
Full screen browsing support for retina displays.

Mark contacts as vip, these mails will go to the vip mailbox.
Insert photos in the compose window.

Get all passes/tickets in one place. Airline tickets, movie tickets etc are represented by a card.
Cards are location aware.
Cards can have a balance.
Can be coupons.
Cards can be deleted by the user.
The cards are live, if there is gate change for your flight, the ticket can update the ticket info with the updates gate.

ios maps
Entire new mapping solution
Apple cartography.
Traffic view with incidents, anonymous crowd sourced traffic info.
Turn by turn navigation.
Siri integration with maps.
Fly over 3d maps. Satelite view.
Beta available today for devs.
Available this fall.

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